Whether it’s the ball you holed-in-one, the score card from your winning round, or a treasured flag from the Masters, there is no more unique way to display these items than a box frame, hand-crafted from fully-traceable Irish hardwood.

Every frame is lovingly created from one piece, ensuring matching grain and the corners are finished with Perfection Framing’s signature splines. All frames produced come with a certificate of the tree's age and origin.

Because these are bespoke items we price every job individually, based on size and wood choice, but below is a rough guide to pricing.

Score Card and Ball €160

Single Ball €140

Golf Ball Display Cases €185 – €225

Golf Tour Ball Display Cases €175 – €225

Flag Display Case €195+

Golf Club €225+

To enquire about having your treasured golf items framed simply email us a picture by
clicking here and we will get back to you with framing ideas and a price.

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The perfect way to display your golf ball collection

They could be a collection of old featheries and Gutta Perchas, a series of signed balls or simply a ball from all your favourite courses. We offer the perfect way to display these.

The cases can be open at the front to allow easy access or can be fitted with glazing and a removable back. The choice is yours.

To order your bespoke golf ball case, simply click here to order.



If you are planning a golf trip to Ireland, what better way to commemorate it than a ball case made out of stunning Irish hardwood.

Every course you play on your trip, keep one of the club balls. We will tailor your case to hold just the right amount of balls. You can order your case before you come to Ireland and we can have it waiting for you at your hotel or have it shipped directly to your home.

You get to to choose the native timber you would like your case crafted from. The entire box is made from one piece of timber ensuring the grain patterns match. The inside can be plain timber, felt lined or a mix of both.

To order your bespoke golf ball case, simply click here to order.



The scorecard and ball case are the perfect way to mark an important game.

It could have been your hole-in-one, your best round or a memorable competition win. These cases are custom made in your choice of Irish hardwood and finish. They are also perfect as a competition prize - vouchers are available, simply click here to order one.

To order simply click here.



It could be a collectors ball, a hole in one ball or simply your favourite golf ball.

This is beautiful way to frame a single ball. The frame can be made larger or smaller, depending on taste. We can email you some samples to see what will suit. Normally we use a lighter wood on the inside so it reflects light onto the ball. The background is covered in high-quality green felt to allow the ball to stand out. To order simply click here.



Gift vouchers make ideal prizes for competitions or simply as a present.

We offer gift vouchers for the Scorecard and Ball Case and also for various amounts that the recipient can use to have any golf memorabilia framed. This could be a flag, club, ball or even a photograph.

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