Not all the timbers shown here are available all of the time. We try to keep a good stock but you will be contacted straight away if a timber isn't available and given another option.  When it comes to picking a timber it's all down to where you are going to hang the frame, your personal taste and piece you have chosen. Some timbers suit images more than others. All frames are sanded to an ultra-smooth surface and at this stage the frame can be finished in a few different ways.


• Naturalno oil or wax, just the bare wood.

• Oiled – using boiled linseed oil. This warms the timber.

• Clear wax  – this gives the wood a nice matt finish without changing the colour.

• Limewax  – this lightens the colour of the timber giving a white tinge.


This is a beautiful wood with interesting grain patterns. It can be finished as bare wood, oiled with linseed oil (this will give it a nice warmth), or lime-wax (this will give the wood a white look, bottom image).


This is a nice warm wood, similar in grain to Ash. It looks best with an oil finish.

*Native oak is quite hard to source and would be a special order.


This is a stunning wood, with a really nice warmth to it and intricate grain patterns.


Nice warm colour with gentle, flowing grain patterns


Subtle grain patterns making this ideal for understated frames.


A nice varying grain wood with warmth and character. Best left with natural sanded finish.


Walnut is the darkest and warmest. It looks at its best left unfinished.

*Native walnut is very hard to source and would be a special order.

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